Тема: Sending or Receiving Issues in Old Sbcglobal Email Account

Firstly the email user needs to check the working internet connection. The primary requisite of running SBCGLOBAL email services is an internet connection and that should be working properly for sending and receiving emails.
The next thing that hampers the sending and receiving of emails is the sender email id reported as spam email ID as the receiving end. This could be resolved by contacting the customer services of the email service provider at the receiver’s end and ask them the resolution of this issue.
At times, users are not able to find mail from specific email IDs in their inbox, in this situation they should check the spam folder as at times, the sender’s email ID may be listed as a spam in the users’ email service providers’ server and because of this only the mail directly goes to the spam folder. This could be resolved by changing the setting of the User’s email id and remove the specific email id from the spammer's list so that they can get the further emails directly into the inbox without any issue.
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